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Memos To MySelf – Git commands

I create this list and will keep updating this so I don’t need to search for these again and again in the future. How to Undo all the changes made … Continue reading

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Wondrous Speed of Computer Technological Advancement

I guess you might have seen the following picture. If not just look at it, guess and tell me what is it about? But nowadays you know how smaller it … Continue reading

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Memos To Myself – Mac Terminal commands

Hi everybody, Actually most of the short posts under this title “Memos to myself” are tech tips for myself. But I hope publishing these already published contents over the web, … Continue reading

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Memos to Myself – Creating or Editing .bash_profile in Mac

Same alike setting PATH variables in Windows, in some cases you will want to set paths in Mac too, so you can use certain functions from your terminal app (CLI). … Continue reading

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Gmail’s New Login Screens Hints At A Future Beyond Passwords

Well, this is interesting!

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Software Engineers live on the Edge of Tomorrow!

I’ve heard to myself that, some people think and tell, Software Developers and Engineers have no Life At All! 🙂 Well, that’s good, I tell them, please keep thinking like … Continue reading

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Learning – Continuous Process

  Where to start that what I have to say? I need to talk about Life + Learning! How do you find time to learn in Life, when you already … Continue reading

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