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What I’m into these days and What has happened to me last days….

Ok..on middle of the April some relatives came to SL and with them Eranda ayya also came too.We both are very interested in Web dev.And he’s now in the professional level.So I got to know a very little nibble of jQuery intro,saw how AJAX work and also we installed the WP CMS for the first time on my computer from Eranda.Though before I have installed Joomla,I don’t know and haven’t done anything of it after its configuration phase on my localhost.So however these all were inspirations and we were doing these things while I was readying for my second year final semester exams.

Before May, at the end of that April with the directions of Eranda I bought the domain name “custove.com” and configured the custove.com’s web host at 000webhost.com .And that’s my first experience of going live on the Web. However then I designed and coded just a hard coded web page as the User Login foBe a Lionr the purpose of Configuring my Web Site,Private project to make it live. Though it’s partially finished according to my own self-targets, it’s still not a live site.But Life is something that teaches us,it’s not what you always think…so better to expect the unexpected and also,

The best practice to keep in ones self is,Keep Practicing though you have become a Perfectionist!~K.R.Vishman

I told like so because I got ill,I had to suffer with Dengue fever,from the 29th Monday of April.What to do so?I was hospitalized too.And these all were happening in between my semester exams.So I missed my exams.Anyway I got back home on 8th of April and now I’m just staying at home studying new things from the last week of May,as I have told to rest as much as you can.But an Inspired person can’t stop his/her mind chasing after the great desires of his/her.Especially when the case is Programming and Software/Web Development. :D  

And now when is it?It’s 13th of April.For three weeks I’ve done a lot of self studies and this is one of those.What?Word Press Blogging.I know, many of others who read something worthwhile to read, could think that what’s blogging is just time wasting and reading useless stuffs.But however my intention was not (isn’t still) about Blogs and CMSs. But to be honest,my main intention was to learn about how to let the people out there a way to manage their daily out put actually??? a better and an easy way,right?I guess one answer is CMSs. So I needed to get done a research what are CMSs and what we can do with them and also wanted to get skilled in WordPress Publishing as a side project, because as it’s a required Skill of a Web Developers’ Skill Toolbox. And it’s a must to say, blogging is something good for a web developer, because that lets you the chance to Document your work,research(not very private researches on publicly distributed websites) so letter yourself also can refer to that in case where you have been forgotten about something you knew (as it’s our human nature).

So I will list it down what I have been studying for the last three weeks.Because actually there are a lot.And I hope that it’ll be a goodroad map to others too,who has a good solid foundation about the Software Industry and Web Development and future of it, as it’s a war between Structured Methodologies and Unstructured…(Waterfall Vs. Agile Development).

Work List….To-do List(if you haven’t been through yet…)….or Road Map…

  • Enhance the knowledge about JavaScript if you need so…
  • Gain knowledge about jQuery for some extend to where you feel that You can do something alone.
  • CMS self-research
    • WordPress
    • TeamSites from Microsoft (actually a collaboration site hosted inside SharePoint Server 2010)
    • Joomla
  • HTML5 and CSS3 workouts
    • HTML5 Video element and it’s behavior, practical applied creations…
    • HTML5 File API
    • CSS3 effects
    • New tags/elements and also New helpful properties/attributes that has been coming into the scene with the new Spec of HTML,..HTML5 and their uses.
  • Ok…I guess that’s all for now,but researches about all mentioned above are still being researched and keep the researches alive as to get thoroughly skilled in those areas.

So that’s all for now as I guess…and sure I will share some of the knowledge once in a week in the future, and also I hope to share some important code snippets on every thing I learn online. And I hope you all enjoyed it too.Let’s see what we can do in the future….!

Best regards!


2 comments on “What I’m into these days and What has happened to me last days….

  1. Eranda
    June 16, 2012

    Sounds good! Don’t lose the passion and excitement! Also keep posting!
    Good Luck!

    • Randika Vishman
      June 16, 2012

      🙂 Thanks a lot brother….and it’s always nice to hear from you!!! 😀

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