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Next Generation’s Best Product

We can clearly see generations and generation gaps within our societies,communities,cultures and around the whole world.that’s how I can see it.Some are actually started as trends and they have become a severe changes of their originated places,and then bit by bit spreaded through the whole world.For an instance,I know that Facebook was only a  good product on the western countries at first,but now it has become a viral fever around the globe.And the same thing had gone for the Reggae music. 😀 However,generations arise and they exist for a long time,when considered lives of the people who live in those generations.As an eastern tropical country there are so many Games and Sports which our Parents had played and enjoyed,but we haven’t even seen them,anyone who were playing them.And in the same time there are so many types of Digital games that we have played and that Digital games and the types of those Digital games are kept evolving ever as we can see.So this happens because of the necessity of the generations,creativity and the evolved minds based on the known knowledge to approach,grasp or to conquer the unknown things.

Web 1.0,2.0 and Web 3.0

Web Also need to be evolved over the time.

Anyhow this same cycle of renewing the generations and death of generations happen.We know we had been through three generations of the Web.They are Web 1.0,2.0 and now we are experiencing Web 3.0 …Oops!What is web 1.0 ?

  • Web 1.0 :  Used static content website built up with just HTML.And used Push Technology.They used hyperlinks to interconnect the web.Security was not an issue,and also user communication wasn’t there.
  • Web 2.0 : Timely and Rapidly varying dynamic contents derived by the users over the network,due to Sharing Technology. Security over the web is a critical issue,vastly discussed and a lot improved.
  • Web 3.0 : It’s actually named,specifically as “Semantic Web”.It means contents are well distinguished among the well distributed dynamic web,while they are being readable to the machines of the technology too,while they behave more meaningfully to the users of Web 3.0 .Think about the technology of Gravatar.com??So the Security and User communication are must and also they are being handled easily by the users than before in any generations of the web.Search results would be much clearer and relevant than before they were. 🙂 😀

So however this means web also need to evolve and it is happening for sure.And here in these days the best of the best two Web Products are Facebook.com and Google.com .In 2000 Sri Lanka had internet too.At that time our well known search engine was Yahoo!But one of my uncles came here from London and he told us to use Google.com instead that yahoO! 😀 and guess what he was Right.Google had dominated the future.And now after 10 years,we don’t even hear about or like to try a new search engine.But Will Google Be the Only Solution to our Searching needs of Web and other stuffs?My answer is Nope,It must not be the only Search engine which handles this question and answer to the users.Hope at least one of the users who read this blog has seen or visited this search engine Kngine.com and it’s a very small web search engine as I know to my knowledge.But they are from Dreamland to the Techland I guess,and they(that was initiated from two brothers from Egypt as I can remember) are in the quest to finding the Answers for the Future generation.

And also we know Facebook does a huge thing among our lives and well,Thanks Zuck and wish you a Happy Wedded Life too. 😀 🙂 (We must be thankful actually to these people,because actually I believe they moved us forward not only our work to be done easily,our whole minds too.Thanks again!)But can you believe that imaginary is this much limited because they have the best technological resources than the knowledge that any creative mind needed?The Social Network is hugely Populated and being a dominating factor over the global society,isn’t there any simple resources and simple technologies that People can control their storage and contents through to the relationships and privacy they want to keep,rather giving the opportunity to an unknown company’s hands???There must be an answer right?And they key factor to that answer must be Simple as that anyone can do,not only techi people,but also for quick learners(Look at the structure of Word Press and other CMSs),and also a Highly Scalable and Enhanced Security Features,Privacy control is under the Users.What could be that Systems Architecture???What is the next generations Best Selling Web Product could/should/would be???And what purpose should it be based on???

What are your opinions?What do you think?Sometimes some of the above contents are my personal thoughts,and they could be wrong.But it’s ok,you read it.So if you feel I am wrong and I have written bullshit,then comments are free to posted!!!But remember,if it’s not,then please comment and move the topic forward as a good Discussion to find the Next Generation making Web Product!!!I hope you have read my first post “What I’m into these days and What has happened to me last days…”on this blog as you can see what’s my point of view on how we should think to find a best solution.

“Make the Web a better place to live and also always available pretty easily to everyone of the world”

Thank you all!


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