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Why I was in Silence for the Past Two Years?

Okay, first of all let me apologize for Creating a WP Blog and suddenly dumping and polluting the Web!
Here, I’m Back Once Again and With Determination To Be and Share My Experience With you, At least once a Week!!!

So the Big Question is, “Why I was in Silence for the Past Two Years?”

Actually I found a Jo
b!!! Ta-da!!! πŸ˜€ Yup, that’s it…I started my Career life in 2012, September 05 (after the short informal interview on Sep. 04th) as a trainee iOS App Developer. I had a very good training for 3 to 4 months of time under the Best of the Best iOS App Developer in Sri Lanka, Viraj Thenuwara. Then, in the 2013 January, I had to learn Android Development by myself, while as always, I was still having the interest for doing web development. I had chances to create few Apps for both iOS and Android through out the year 2013. And at the year end of 2013, I’ve started to contribute in development for a Web Back-end built with PHP-CodeIgniter. πŸ™‚Β And also had to develop some other Software projects, related to my degree.

However, in last December 4th I resigned from the company I worked and started to work as a Part Time Software developer, because I’m reading for the final year of my BSc. degree in Computer Science, in affiliated college with UCD, Ireland.

So how to describe the Experience here? Β πŸ˜•
First I will list down the Software/Tools

  • XCode 4.4, 4.5, 4.6, and 5 in Mac OSx and Mac OS Mavericks. (I’m in love with the iMac at my office πŸ˜€ Β )
  • Eclipse for Android
  • IntelliJ IDEA for Android
  • FileZilla, Sublime Text and MAMP for Web Development
  • Photoshop CS 5/5.5

Apps I had the Chance To Create:

iOS Apps:

  • Restaurant Menu App
  • Photo Receiving and Sharing App
  • Social Gift Store App


  • Simple Data gathering App
  • Courier Services Management App – Prototype for a given Spec.
  • SalesForce App – Prototype
  • SalesForce App UI Design

Web Development:

  • Simple web services for the above iOS Apps.
  • Undertook the development of partially build Web Back-end for the SalesForce AppΒ – PHP, CodeIgniter Framework, Bootstrap, jQuery/JS
  • Inventory Control SystemΒ – PHP, CodeIgniter Framework, Bootstrap, jQuery/JS

Java Standard Edition:

  • Code Smell Detection Code Viewer App – Group Work

So that’s all for now. And it was wonderful year and half with software development. I can tell that I really enjoyed the time I spent with programming in several platforms. New Programming Languages I tried to push myself into are:

  • Ruby On Rails,
  • Perl
  • Python

So now on I will share my coding experiences and life experiences with you all, all over the globe! πŸ™‚
So until next time, wish you all best of luck!
Work Hard!!! πŸ™‚


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