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“Why are we here?”

Near the end of his life, Albert Einstein was interviewed by the editor of a scientific publication. The interview ranged across the breadth of Einstein’s life and work. As they were wrapping up, the interviewer said he had one final question.

“Why are we here?” he asked.

When Einstein did not immediately reply, the interviewer became embarrassed and apologized for asking something so difficult.

Einstein smiled gently.

“If I looked puzzled,” he said, “it is because you asked me something so simple. We are here to serve one another.”

From this fundamental truth, reflected in differing ways of saying the same thing flows man’s mission statement. Everything we do that matters is done in response to this central law of life. Everything that lasts is created out of the love and concern of one human being for another.

Contrary to popular opinion, the secret to success in life has more to do with our hearts than our heads. What makes us different is not our ability to think but our ability to love.

From one of his pages on FB!


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