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Learning – Continuous Process



Where to start that what I have to say? I need to talk about Life + Learning! How do you find time to learn in Life, when you already feeling overwhelmed with work and you don’t have enough time to even finish the projects and tasks you were delegated to? Well, riskily and irresponsibly I choose to make the queue of those priorities wait, when I feel urge to read, learn, study, research on something interesting! Because I’m always being inspired and motivated with the new things I come to learn in Life, than the work I’m sunk in! And I spend few days in learning!That relax me, but keeping a background process of anxiety that worries about the remaining tasks. But however the risk I take doing so is worth at some points, where my self-studies and self-researches are done on more valuable things in my industry, than the probability I might not be able to finish my pending tasks and projects on time. Because as I think, most of the times projects get some more time than we think, and so does the tasks! 🙂 But the stuff you learn in day by day life? They get accumulated and that knowledge grows your intuition and your way of handling problems with more improved intelligence, which is always backed by the knowledge you have gained!

So that’s my strategy of living! 🙂 This strategy makes me multi-talented and an all-rounder, which is more valuable specially in Life, then in Software Developer’s Life! 🙂 So, What do you think on this? How do you manage the quench of thirst in gaining knowledge of rapidly changing world? Really, what drives your life the most?

My Skill set, I already have iOS + Android + PHP Web Development + API Development + Java, and now I’m on NodeJS Exploration! 🙂 Which definitely gonna help me on API Development in future, and many more 😉 ! And to gain knowledge I have had to keep waiting my current iOS Project on the pending queue, which has already set me on fire! And I thought I should share my feeling and thoughts with the rest of the world, even I determined to share this post after my iOS Project is delivered! 🙂

Please, let me know your thoughts and feelings regarding this Post!
Thanks for reading! 🙂 (Y)
Take care!
Learn Everyday! 😉


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