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Software Engineers live on the Edge of Tomorrow!

I’ve heard to myself that, some people think and tell, Software Developers and Engineers have no Life At All! 🙂 Well, that’s good, I tell them, please keep thinking like that for few more years ahead and see! Because I think that its a very narrow attitude that anyone could have like, once Chairman and CEO of IBM Thomas J. Watson had saying that, “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers” in 1943! And Everybody got to know that Thomas J. Watson’s imagination and vision was not true for the world. World has been flooded with Computers, Specially thanks to Professor Alan Turing and Dennis Ritchie. Sometimes they may don’t see or understand how significant role is that Software Engineering plays in our day to day developing life. It mainly helps to shape our life style and culture.

Following Graph shows how the computer industry has evolved over the time, and mainly the Two Eras of the Internet – Pull and Push. And don’t forget that, it shows from 1960 – 2015 which is still the industry is less than a century old! 🙂

Two Eras of the Internet - Pull and Push

This graph shows how this computer field started and where it is going. How it has been evolved through the time. Internet has been already divided into two eras: Pull and Push Like before it(Computer world) was trying to process and give results for the queries, but now it’s different and has another way out, we are fed without we have to issue any queries but what’s related to us and according to our interests from the connected devices and systems.

Every era had have a strong influences of various fields! As like that, Software Industry has become the most influential industry of the Modern World. From Villages to cities, cities to towns, towns to countries, countries to world, We provide solutions from Communication, Education, Medicine, All the Sciences, Military, Banking, Any Industrial Manufacturing process, Any Research Field, Marketing, Literature, Media, Entertainment, Filming, Robotics, Astronomy, Environmental Studies, Transportation and Domestic requirements, etc. All these mentioned fields are in need of help and influence of Software Engineering and Software Technology. For an example:

It’s like a vast sea where a single person or even a bunch of people in a ship can’t solely travel across end to end! It’s really fascinating in a way, as we could navigate ourselves to anywhere we want in any industry! In any solution we put our appliances we have to think about vast areas from requirements to cost effectiveness, quality, safety, reliability, and maintenance. Anything we do, at least we would have to skim through the domain knowledge where we have to engineer our Software Product. It’s said that for once every two years, the knowledge of the software industry doubles. But I guess now it’s for every year it happens! So you have to be smart to be and become successful in this field! But after all, it gives the Wings to your Creativity to Fly in the Sky of Tomorrow!

Just Remember, To Be In This Field, You need enormous Strength, Determination, Creativity, Imagination and Passion to Innovate and Invent! That’s why some developers are actually Artists than Engineers! Software Engineers live on the Edge of Tomorrow! If simply said, We Live Always In The Future! Further Readings

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