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Wondrous Speed of Computer Technological Advancement

I guess you might have seen the following picture. If not just look at it, guess and tell me what is it about?

Size of 5MB HDD in 1956

5 megabyte hard drive being shipped out, IBM 1956.

But nowadays you know how smaller it is even 16GB SD Cards and also 2-4TB HDDs right?

It’s a time see this post, and then to think, wonder, laugh and then again be creatively curious about, what holds for the future!

This way we can say Computer Technology is Everything!
Because modern computer science is less older than a century. But if you measure it’s growth, it seems like it’s been exponential!

Making these electronic equipments very smaller in time means a lot of things. Definitely they increases there speed and also the chance to get implanted or embedded within anything people intended to. Even within human body most of these things can go embedded in the future this way. And at the end, in Computer Technology advancement, there would be endless possibilities. Following is another example is that brain embeddable memory chip and body strength supporting system which was shown in the Sci-Fi movie Elysium (2013).

I leave these questions to yourself. Question everything around you!

Be Creative!


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