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Learning – Continuous Process

  Where to start that what I have to say? I need to talk about Life + Learning! How do you find time to learn in Life, when you already … Continue reading

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Flouride and Toothpaste

~ I Thoroughly Believe That You Would Read the Following Questions and Question about Yourself ~ Let Me Ask Few Questions From You Genius People Around ME? Q1: Actually How … Continue reading

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Why I was in Silence for the Past Two Years?

Okay, first of all let me apologize for Creating a WP Blog and suddenly dumping and polluting the Web! Here, I’m Back Once Again and With Determination To Be and … Continue reading

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Next Generation’s Best Product

We can clearly see generations and generation gaps within our societies,communities,cultures and around the whole world.that’s how I can see it.Some are actually started as trends and they have become … Continue reading

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What I’m into these days and What has happened to me last days….

Ok..on middle of the April some relatives came to SL and with them Eranda ayya also came too.We both are very interested in Web dev.And he’s now in the professional … Continue reading

June 14, 2012 · 2 Comments